Welcome to the Clear Com Media tool set

Audit Tool

The SEO Audit tool is almost finished its first draft. With it you can create SEO Audits and download the result in an attractive PDF file. Coming soon after the initial launch will be the ability to edit existing audits.

Scoop Insertion

The first draft of the Scoop Insertion forms are ready to use. Please report any bugs to Leonard. Always test the scoop API after using the insertion forms so make sure it did not get broken.

Password Reset for Scorecard and Status

The password reset option is now complete. Users for Stats and Cyberscorecard can now request their password be reset

Indomitus, Perfect for Developers to produce a lot of content quickly!

The Clear Com Media tool site, nick named Indomitus, is designed to let developers worry about the content they want to deliver, and not the method of delivery. Built on an always on back end framework, we can now write tools with more efficiency and auitomation than ever before. Indomitus is in an early stage still, however, so there will be a lot to do before it's fully functional.